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measuring airspeed

MPXV7002DP is great sensor for airspeed measurement, however it gives only difference between two pressures as output, hence you can use it only for calculating calibrated airspeed(CAS) as you don’t know value of the static pressure inside aircraft. To calculate true airspeed you need to know current static pressure, and current air temperature which both are changing due to altitude. To measure it I will use FREESCALE SEMICONDUCTOR – MPX4100AS.  Third IC used for airspeed sensor is temperature sensor LM50B. There will be three different voltages on output,

1. Impact pressure – differential pressure from MPXV700DP

2. Static pressure from MPX4100AS

3. Temperature from LM50B

directly connected to 3 channels of built-in analog-digital converter AD7918

I’ve created as well C++ algorithms for calculating both calibrated airspeed(CAS) and true airspeed(TAS). You can find them on my another blog.

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